All Female Ride

The 2023 Female Ride sponser by Adamac Harley Davidson, Mr. Safety himself, brother B-more surprised us with his presence with coffee & donuts. Thank you B-more for suppling our early need for warm coffee and a sugar rush to start the brisk morning ride.It was thoughtful of you and appreciated. I would also like to thank the probies for assisting B-more in making sure members received their morning java and donut(s).


The event was well attended, the females definitely showed up from many states. It was said that there were 625 ladies who registered to ride. They were lined up in formation ready to role out. However, the Orlando Chapter and the other 150 females did not make the cut off. We just took our pictures and waived them fair well. Our next stop was Ford Garage, Thanks, Easy EE, Probies Baker B, Ghost and Mav for securing the tables. Good looking out.


Overall, we made the best out of a beautiful spring day for a nice motorcycle ride together.

A Special Thank You to my Soldier Brothers, DJ, Mad Hatter, Easy EE, Drake, Cowboy, Spruz, Silverback for supporting the women riders of this chapter and having our backs as we travel down the dusty roads.

To my  Sista Soldiers, thank you for your support . For me, it’s always a blast and good times when I get an opportunity to spend time with you. Candy thank you for letting the rabbit run free and holding the tempo. 


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