Daniel Keel - Tuskegee Airman

Daniel Keel of Orlando, Fla., was a junior studying aeronautical engineering at Northeastern University in 1943. After being drafted, he earned his wings as a pilot and navigator in the Tuskegee program. However, the war ended before Keel and the 477th Bombardment Group (Medium) saw action. Daniel left the military in 1946 and secured a commercial pilot’s license. However, due to discrimination a Black man would not regularly pilot a major commercial airliner for nearly 20 years. Instead, Mr. Keel started an electrical contracting firm.


 As a teenager he was “impressed by newsreels, the Air Corps uniform and the relatively high pay.” Former Flight Officer Keel was “the only pilot to be triple rated. He earned pilot, navigator and bombardier ratings.”

Picured left to right

Kenneth "Captain" Wilson and Daniel Keel

A Tuskegee Airman

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