Ruff Ryders Kickball Charity

Our chapter supported the Ruff Ryders Kickball Charity Event on May 21st 2023 in Orlando, florida. The BSMC Orlando chapter kickball champion team had several highlights that you had to be there to see. I called us the BSMC Orlando Champion because after several innings the team was still intact. The team took the lead first, Wolverine led the first kick, landing on first base. Followed up by Spurs before getting out by trying to steal second base, then Queen Flex kicked next, getting first base, then Ghost, kicking to second base with a line drive to left field.  The Silverback, kicking a long center field, with base load and BSMC Orlando scored 3 runs, then a fourth one with Mav driving forward (Call 911) but he was safe, 4 - 0, ending that round. Beauty was our fearless pitcher, with her smooth curve ball, three strikes and we were back up. Score 4-0. Next Cowgirl up and a blast to midfield, getting out at first base. Then Cowboy, just up and kicked a good center field ball. Next was Silverback, a nice third base kick to get on base, Then Queen Flex, a kick to allow two more runners to come in. 7 - 0, G-Money was there to coach us, Wolverine kicked a pop-up to end the innings. Now this is where it gets funny, I guess they were surprised that our team was doing so well, the Ruff Ryders started to put in younger players, and we recruited some of their children as well, who wanted to play.  But after that nightmare inning our backs were to the wall, 7 - 1.5 Million - Game over....... actually 7-17 I recalled, lol.   Both team had a good time, they appreciated the support, they provided food and beverage to us, and thanked us for supporting them.  


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