Blackshear & Waycross, GA         MLK JR Day Parade

The MLK Jr Prade in Blackshear, GA, was a very good ride there and back. We had a great time and were greeted with open arms. Upon arrival, we first stopped in Waycross at Pop Bellies Restaurant, where the owner and cook, “Mike” took really goog care of us. In addition to the food on the buffet line, Mike brought out some Shrimp, oysters, clams, wings, fries, and fried pigs feet that he had cook especially for our group. We were joined by my twin brother and some friends. We then rode on to Blackshear, which was only 10 miles away, checked into our hotel, where we fellowship.


On Monday Morning, we rode in the Blackshear Parade, which started at the former site of Blackshear High School, from which Spurz graduated in 1977. The parade was a short 4 or 5 miles, and ended at the Lee Street Resource Center, which is the former Lee Street High School. This was the only school that all Blacks went to from 1st thru 12th grades, until the schools where integrated in 1968 while Spurz was in the 5th Grade. We took some group photos with Issac Moses, the Parade Organizer and Morris Pate, the Parade’s Grand Marshal. Both of which are long time family friends.


We then rode over to Waycross, GA, where we participated in the Waycross MLK Prade. Riding in both parades, almost proved to be a little to much for some of our air loving Harleys, but they did not succumb and roared on. From what I could tell, and from what I heard, the crowds of both parades were very excited to see us in the parades. We finished the day by having lunch at LL Creek Bar and Grill, and then headed out for home.

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