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That in 1866 through an act of congress legislation was adopted to create 6 (six) All African American army units. Even though over two hundred thousand African American servicemen fought bravely during the Civil War.

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Buffalo Soldiers of the 9th Cavalry going through final inspections

at the Presidio in San Francisco prior to departing for China.


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Henry O. Flipper, the first African American to graduate from West Point, was assigned to the Tenth Cavalry. The Tenth Cavalry was stationed throughout the West, including at Fort Davis, Texas. It participated in the Plains Wars, Spanish American War, the Philippine War, the Punitive Expedition in Mexico and World War II. The Tenth Cavalry was deactivated on March 20, 1944, in North Africa.


Colin Powell initiated a monument and museum located in Leavenworth. Kansas. The monument and museum pays homage to the 9th and 10th Cavalry. The Monument was dedicated in 1992.


The Orlando Chapter Buffalo Soldiers have been honored to have several members who have direct ties to the historical members of the Buffalo Soldiers. One of the Charter members of the Orlando chapter BSMC, Melvin “Stryker” has a relative enshrined at the monument in Kansas.

William Othello Wilson born (1869-9-16) Hagerstown, Md. He served in the US Army (1889-1893) 9 th Cavalry Regiment.Corporal Wilson fought in the Indian Wars. He is the recipient of the Medal of Honor. After his military service he returned to Maryland where he worked as an upholsterer, cook, and a carpenter. Corporal Wilson was charter member Melvin Roomes cousin.


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Orlando Chapter of Buffalo Soldiers was the 59th chapter charted into the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club. Member Melvin Roomes is a proud charter member with family ties to a true Buffalo Soldier of the 9th cavalry.


The Orlando Chapter Buffalo Soldiers have been honored to have several members who have direct ties to the historical members of the Buffalo Soldiers. One of the Charter members of the Orlando chapter BSMC, Melvin “Stryker” has a relative enshrined at the monument in Kansas.



African Americans have served in the U.S Military during the Civil War and continued to serve afterwards. Many of the soldiers went on to fight in the Spanish-American War.


In 1866, Congress established six all black regiments (consolidated to four shortly after) to help rebuilt the country after the Civil War and to fight on the Western frontier during the Plains Wars. It was from one of these regiments, the 10th Cavalry, that the nickname Buffalo Soldiers was born.


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The nickname Buffalo Soldiers was given to them by American Plains Indians who fought against them. Because of their dark, curly hair, which resembled a buffalo’s coat and because of their fierce nature of fighting. The nickname soon became synonymous with all African American regiments formed in 1866.

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Charles Young (March 12, 1864-January 8, 1922) was the third African American graduate of the United States Military Academy.
The first black U.S. national park superintendent.
The first black military attache'  
The first black man to achieve the rank of colonel and highest ranking black officer in the regular army until his death.


Initially, the Buffalo Soldier regiments were commanded by whites, and African American troops often faced extreme racial prejudice from the Army establishment. Many officers, including George Armstrong Custer, refused to command black regiments, even though it cost them promotions in rank. In addition, African Americans could only serve west of the Mississippi River, because many whites did not want to see armed black soldiers in or near their communities. And in areas where Buffalo Soldiers were stationed, they sometimes suffered deadly violence at the hands of civilians.


The Buffalo Soldiers main duty was to support the nation westward expansion by protecting settlers, building roads and other infrastructure, and guarding the U.S. mail. They served at a variety of posts in the Southwest and Great Plains, taking part in most of the military campaigns during the decades-long Indian Wars –– during which they compiled a distinguished record, with 18 Buffalo Soldiers awarded the Medal of Honor. This exceptional performance helped to Overcome come resistance to the idea of black Army officers.

The buffalo robe, a type of fur overcoat, is an iconic object linking AfricanAmerican soldiers with Native Americans and white explorers in the nineteenth century, in both fact and myth. Native Americans made buffalo robes from the skin and hair of buffaloes and some wrapped their dead in
the robes before placing them on scaffolds. White explorers on the Lewis and Clark trail coveted the robes for the warmth provided and African American soldiers were known for wearing the buffalo robes on the western frontier.


American bison hide coat, mid-19th to early 20th century: The Army first purchased American buffalo (bison) overcoats in 1869 but never officially adopted them. Because winter supplies were inadequate, many soldiers independently acquired buffalo robes to stay warm.


National Museum of African American History and Culture, Smithsonian Institution. Gift of Avis, Eugene, and Lowell Robinson, NMAAHC 2014.179.2

This Buffalo Soldiers’ Monument is one of several throughout the country. This one is located in Lakeland Florida.
This monument commemorates the Buffalo Soldiers’ stay in Lakeland prior to their deployment to Spain after they were ousted from Tampa, after a riot in that city.

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  • Touch Tone Phone Shirley Jackson
  • Laser Cataract Surgery Dr. Patricia Bath
  • Closed Circuit TV Marie Van Brittan-Brown
  • 3D Special Effects Marc Hannah
  • Super Soaker Lonnie Johnson
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  • Automatic Elevator Doors - Alexander Miles
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